Deck Cleaning in Chandlers Ford

Deck Cleaning in Chandlers Ford

The garden or driveway is a focal point and a relaxing haven for many thousands of households and businesses but can look unsightly with things such as green algae, lichen, tree debris, household rubbish, BBQ and party remnants or even wild animal or pet droppings.

Similarly, your home or business premises driveway being the first visible point to friends and customers can look dark, soiled and extremely tired if you don't use a specialist decking cleaning service.

DCS Cleaning UK Ltd are experts in deck cleaning and use modern, high powered jet washing equipment and flat surface cleaners which not only bring your surfaces back to a clean, professional and pleasant state, the flat surface cleaners with their built in skirts will stop soil and water being thrown around.

Oil, grease and diesel staining on concrete block paving driveways will be treated with a professional degreaser before being washed away with a flat surface cleaner. Concrete block paving is then finished off with sand to fill the gaps in between the concrete blocks leaving the surface in a state where it can then be finished with a top quality sealing solution to ensure it gets the ongoing protection it requires.

For deck cleaning, those extremely tough organic stains such as ’Lichen’ and ‘fungus’ we are able to use specialist detergent anti-microbial fluids which is first mixed within the flooring surface to assist the cleaning cycle bringing the surface to as good as new condition as possible. Decking, very much like driveways can be protected by sealing the surface with a recognised professional sealing solution.

In the photo above you can see small deck area at a property in Chandlers Ford. The pretty and quaint seating area had seen a few years of neglect which resulted in a slippery, black and fungicidal surface which not only looked unsightly but became a serious slip hazard throughout the year.

Our first task was to remove all furniture and ornaments. We could then ascertain what type of detergents (if any) were required. A simple anti fungicidal solution was used as part of the water mix and cleared away utilising a 12” stainless steel flat surface cleaner which laid down approximately 14 Litres of high pressure water per minute.

The result was stunning. Bringing the wooden surface back to a near original state and then sealed using a top quality decking sealer at an extremely affordable price.

Customer feedback for our decking cleaning service:

"DCS Cleaning UK Ltd gave us a first class service at a cost that was far cheaper than expected, the results were fantastic and we would certainly recommend them to anyone who want their decking brought back to a clean and fresh seating area" ~ Customer: Mr & Mrs Fraser. Fair Oak, Hampshire 2015.

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