Odour Control & Pet Urine

Odour Control & Pet Urine

Do you smell?

Of course you do, we all do and we all do it every day of the week. In fact, ‘smelling’ is one of our five senses so the question ‘Do you smell?’ can only be answered with a response of YES!

The issue comes when we start to smell cigarette smoke, pet urine, paint, vomit and other smells. These smells can be particularly embarrassing for you if your friends and family come to visit or your annual meeting is being chaired by the MD in the main conference room after being newly decorated.

So how do we start to remove smoke smell, cat urine, dog urine, fresh paint, vomit and other common odours from your living or working environment in Southampton, Chandlers Ford, Winchester, Romsey and surrounding areas within Hampshire? The same way as deal with odour control in all areas of the UK. With a little bit of investigative work, an odour assessment and some expert cleaning.

Pet urine removal doesn’t have to be difficult but unfortunately it can soak through your carpet into the backing, through the underlay and on occasions can even soak into the sub floor material.

On the net there are many ways of removing pet urine smells by mixing white vinegar with water or using professional enzyme products and even professional carpet cleaning etc. to remove the smell but what if this doesn’t work or doesn’t work completely.

There is an answer….

We locate the source of odour or smell using various techniques such as UV and our ‘Noses’, but have found the easiest way is to include customers and their in depth knowledge of their animals behaviour. In simple terms we ask questions.

Once the basic methods of cleaning have been achieved, we then use an ‘ozone generator’ to remove odour that is left behind.

  • We can eliminate the harmful bacteria which is the root cause of odour
  • Destroy mould and mildew spores
  • Remove Cigarette smells, cooking smells, pet odour, cat urine smells, dog urine smells, vomit smell, in fact just about any odour problem you may have in your building.

Our ozone generators can be adapted to most environments and are very well suited to remove odours as part of your office cleaning or meeting room cleaning programme, odours within carpets and sub floors, removal of cigarette smells, hotel room odours and fresh paint to name just a few.

The next time you’re at home or in the office, you can take the plunge and say to your colleague ‘DO YOU SMELL’ in the knowledge that their answer will probably be ‘Yes I do’ and it smells wonderfully fresh.

Ozone Generators, they are fast, effective and purifies the air that you breath. So save some time and money by calling us today and request our pricing on the use of our ozone generators. It’s a lot cheaper than you may think and very effective.

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