Graffiti can often stigmatise a neighbourhood or community. Graffiti is an ever increasing problem within the UK and statistics show that areas with graffiti tend to attract more vandalism if they are not cleaned up. Therefore, it is imperative to have it removed. This is where we come in.

We have experienced staff who will quickly and efficiently remove any graffiti in your residential or commercial environment.

No matter how difficult the task is, we can get the job done

Graffiti removal is a task that should not be taken lightly. The reality is that some graffiti removal efforts can leave the surface looking worse than before the work began. It is essential that the task is undertaken by qualified graffiti removal experts who are able to do it with the proper equipment and methods.

Sometimes, the sprays used are not permanent. We’re able to clean some graffiti with soap and water; but, sometimes we have to involve stronger cleaning agents to get the job done.

Let’s break it down. Firstly we test an inconspicuous area of the surface with our cleaning material. Then we start by cleaning with soap and water first, then proceed to solvents. Successful removal of graffiti involves three main steps:

  1. Identification of the type of surface and what has been used to create the graffiti
  2. Correct selection of removal method
  3. The application of a protective coating if required.

The graffiti cleaning technique

The longer the contact time, the deeper the graffiti remover will penetrate. With our technology at DCS, we can remove graffiti from any of your surfaces leaving them looking as if it were never there. The techniques we put in place for each removal process are selected by carefully studying the surface to be cleaned. Warmer weather speeds up the rate at which the graffiti removal products operate. In cold weather, we increase the contact time between the graffiti and the graffiti remover, or alternatively increase the temperature by using a hot water pressure washing system.

Sensitive surface graffiti cleaning

The more sensitive the surface, the shorter the time the graffiti cleaning product will be on the surface. We are always careful with your sensitive surfaces, so as not to damage the underlying surface in the process of removing the graffiti. When graffiti removal products are applied by means of hard bristled brushes or scourers, it assists in breaking the bond between the graffiti and the surface. Our procedures are done with extreme caution and we take our time to properly examine the different kinds of surfaces before cleaning commences. All this is done to make sure you are 100% happy with the end result.

We go the extra mile

After each removal process, we can also apply anti-graffiti coating systems if requested, which helps to protect your surfaces. This makes graffiti easy to remove and prevents the paint from sticking. It is also ideal for delicate historic building structures or surfaces which have incurred previous damage.

Sometimes the best we can do is reduce the graffiti to an unrecognizable fade, even if it is not possible to completely remove it, especially when it involves brick or other rough surfaces, or when paint has been there for a long time. Using several applications of solvent or allowing it to sit for a longer period is one method we can use. We have the experience and expertise to do the best possible job, with the upmost care.

We are more than qualified to get the job done

Safety means a lot to us! Our cleaning staff are certified and are acutely aware of the importance of safely using and handling graffiti removal products and chemicals. They are also well trained in safe handling of tools and equipment. They are fully protected using eye and breathing protection during the cleaning process. If any toxic chemicals are to be used, you, as the customer, will be notified in order to take proper preparations to protect yourself and staff or family and prevent contamination.

Before we start work, our Hampshire Graffiti cleaning team will provide you with an on-site quote. Only if you’re happy will we proceed with the job. They can also answer any questions you may have. 

We operate graffiti removal services in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Southampton, throughout Hampshire and beyond 

Whatever your needs are, we can provide a solution!