No doubt your staff does a great job cleaning up and sanitising each day. But, day-to-day cleaning is not always enough, and it often doesn’t adequately address some potential trouble spots in your kitchen.

It is imperative that an industrial kitchen environment remains as clean as possible. Daily cleaning kitchen routines can maintain a good level of hygiene, however, on less accessible surfaces, such as canopies, lights, ceilings, walls, equipment and kitchen fittings, the progressive buildup of grease, grime and fats can provide a potential breeding ground for bacteria, bringing about health and safety risks to your staff and customers alike. 

How then do you clean these hard to reach places? The answer is our industrial kitchen cleaning service

Comprehensive industrial kitchen cleaning solutions in Eastleigh and Southampton

No matter the kind of restaurant or size of industrial kitchen you run, you are going to need a thorough clean-down periodically. Our industrial kitchen cleaning service is designed around you. When we administer a clean-down we start at the ceiling and work our way down to the floor, cleaning everything as we go. Everything is opened, moved and cleaned and that includes canopies, vents, ducts and filters, etc. We ensure that your kitchen gets bespoke treatment.

An industrial kitchen cleaning service whenever you need it

We also provide more frequent cleaning services, giving you more confidence in preparing foods and maintaining health and safety standards in your establishment. The relief it will provide your staff will be immeasurable, freeing them up to spend more time with your customers and to focus on the food they are preparing. 

We understand that time is money. By doing what we do best, and leaving your staff to do what they do best, your productivity can be significantly improved. 

An industrial kitchen has specific requirements when it comes to safety and hygiene and our cleaning staff are trained to a minimum standard of the BCCA (British Cleaners Certificate Award), giving you the assurance that the tasks will be done to industry standards.

Attention to detail through the cleaning process.

Industrial kitchens vary, and, as such, have very different set ups and different cooking equipment. We have the experience to quickly assess what needs done, and how to do it. We take into consideration every detail of each kind of kitchen we clean, using appropriate efficient and cost-effective cleaning equipment and supplies.

We provide you with superior cleaning services at competitive prices; a service that fits around you, and causes minimal disruption to your operation. We can even come to you in specified time slots outside of your working, or at least peak hours, so that we are never in your way.

About DCS Cleaning UK Ltd, the industrial kitchen cleaning company

We are a professional company and have been in business since 2013. Located in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, our services extend to other surrounding areas including Southampton and even Winchester.

We are qualified, experienced and able to work at short notice, giving you excellent service with ever clean.

Our cleaning staff coming into your establishment are polite, friendly and professional. We understand that we work in a service sector, and therefore always interact in a way befitting hospitality and catering.

We value continuity as much as you, and do our best to provide the same cleaning team for repeat visits.

A cleaning company that works for you!

Industrial kitchen cleaning is hard work and time consuming.

For us, no task is too small and no task too much for us. We clean ice machines, underneath and behind equipment, refuse areas, refrigeration coils, floors, splashes on the walls, ovens, kitchen exhaust hoods, and everything else.

Get in touch today if you want more information about our services, or want us to survey the cleaning area and provide you with a competitive industrial kitchen cleaning quote in the Southampton area.

Every client’s requirements are a little different. Therefore, we take time to understand your specific needs, and in so doing are able to deliver a superior quality service.

At the end of every task, our staff ensures that all waste generated in your kitchen, and around the adjacent area, is removed and disposed of responsibly. If there is any other rubbish you need cleared, we are more than happy to dispose of it for you too, leaving you with a cleaner, clearer space and a more hygienic, more pleasant working environment.