An odour control service for residential and commercial properties. There is nothing quite as revolting as a smelly bedroom or hotel room, cigarette smoke on walls and furnishings, pet urine odour within carpets and flooring, paint fumes from a newly decorated office, vomit smells or any other type of odour near an area that you frequent.

Our odour control services serves customers in Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester, Romsey and throughout Hampshire.

The problem with odours is that once you can smell them, it becomes rather difficult in cases to eradicate them. Generally, using ‘’off the shelf’’ products won’t work completely and commercial grade cleaning items are required.

We are trained and qualified with the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) as a WRT (Water Restoration Technician) which gives an enormous insight of how to understand not only restoration of flood and water damaged areas but the ensuing odours and their control.

Odours do not have to be difficult to remove as long as you know what you are doing. If you don’t then not to worry, just call us. Our staff are all qualified in cleaning both residential and commercial properties and either have or are working towards their BICSc (British institute of Cleaning Science) qualification.

We will attempt to locate the source of odour and provide a team of skilled cleaners to attempt to remove the source of the odour with manual cleaning methods allowing our ozone generators to do the rest. They can reach the areas we can’t and provide you with clean fresh air throughout your home, hotel, vehicle, boat or office environment. Our ozone generators can create a massive 7000mg/hr of ozone that will destroy and remove odours from many hundreds of sources and can also kill bacteria and mould spores. We can remove smells from the following areas and much more.

  • Cooking smells including fish
  • Whiffy Foot and shoe smells
  • Pongy Pet odour
  • Ingrained Cigarette and pipe smoke
  • Volatile Paint fumes
  • Mucky Mould Spores
  • Bathroom odours
  • Pongy Hotel rooms
  • Sweaty Gymnasiums

Odour control using an ozone generator uses its unique capability and its extraordinary proficiency in sterilizing the area where odours are coming from. If the odours cover a large area, we can even give you training on how to use the equipment and leave it with you for however long it takes to destroy the odour in its entirety.

Our staff can destroy odours which are airborne or live deep with fabrics and furniture by killing bacteria while not affecting the surrounding areas. If you have foul smelling odours anywhere within your home, office, hotel, B&B, vehicle, boat or any other place then call us now for your free no obligation quotation on how to remove that smell for good.